Salsita Especial

Sku: 4410

Now in a bigger jar! Salsita Especial is a delicious 3 ingredient sauce. It brings a sweet, smokey, and spicy flavor that is good on anything! From cheeseboards to the grill and you can even scorch those cups for a delicious Michelada with a cold beer! Please note that while I jar is now bigger, the label is listed for a smaller container- this means that you’ll be getting more servings of the sauce!

  • Smoky Chipotle
  • Sweet & Spicy
  • 3 Ingredients




Once a jalapeno is fully ripened and turned red to its sweetest point, it is dehydrated and smoked to create a ‘Chipotle’. We then take these pepper and do our magic for 30 days until it is ready to go into your tummy.  We guarantee it is nothing like you’ve tasted before. Bring it to the bbq pit or bring it to your wine & cheese party!


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