Tio Pelon’s Variety Pack, 3-Pack Case, 16oz

Tio Pelon’s Variety Pack includes 3 -16oz jars of savory jalapeno based salsas.




Tio Pelon’s Variety Pack is called the 3 Amigos Pack and includes the three original Salsitas.

Salsita Emma comes straight out of grandma Emma’s kitchen in North Mexico and has been a staple in Tio’s family for years. Emma is a pure red jalapeno, no tomato, sauce that brings sweetness, spiciness and a pure bright red color that comes directly from the peppers. Salsita Emma is pure jalapeno heaven, combining an array of herbs making it a great topping for pizza, ramen or simply some breakfast eggs.

Salsita de Tomatillo is a delicious blend of jalapenos and tomatillos that is an excellent base for Enchiladas Verdes, Nachos, or even some tasty Chilaquiles. Our Salsa Verde has a non-overwhelming acidity and the right combination of savory regional flavors that will invite you in for more! All our sauces are excellent for cooking, topping or dipping!

Salsita Cremosa is green jalapeno heaven! It is pure green jalapeno sauce emulsified with vegetable oil to create a rich creamy texture. It uses spices and herbs traditional to the South Texas and North Mexican regions. The rich and savory sauce pairs well with any meal, from breakfast to dinner. Add it on salads, create dips, make a guacamole – Heck even throw some in the soup!


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